A little while ago I was featured in an online article for Nine Media’s Essential Kids on that fabulous topic Dreams. 

And….whilst the topic was for Parents, the reality is ALL of us, every single day question our self worth. 

“every single human, every day questions their own self worth …….if they can handle a situation or if they handled a situation in the right way”

For me as you may have read or heard previously…..Dreams are a Big thing.

In fact Dreams are HOW you are literally showing yourself how to do something different


How to LOOK at something you have been grappling with in a slightly different way.

We are a big bundle of energy with this supercomputer on board aka the brain.

We are constantly giving ourselves conscious and unconscious commands to execute.

Imagine if your dreams are actually your best source of How to Help yourself overcome some of those mundane or really tricky issues you are facing into.

Now before you all go out and start buying Dream Interpretation books there’s something you also need to consider…..

YOU are your best interpreter of your Dreams.

Sure as you can read in the full article here https://tinyurl.com/https-commondreams

There are some common…lets even call them generic interpretations of Dreams.

But ultimately, they are YOUR best way of helping you, therefore you will Dream in a way that quite literally GETS your attention.

Ever noticed how it’s the weirdest dreams that you wake up and go

‘What was all that about????’

And everyone around you will try to make logical sense out of YOUR dream.

My best advice?  And I teach this to all of my clients.

Start your own Dream journal.   Over a period of time, you will start to notice your own Dream patterns and what took place afterwards.

And if this has sparked your interest in how you too can start to use your sleeping hours to resolve issues during your day….

I invite you to take the free 5 Day Dream Challenge I created.

If you haven’t already, come join hundreds of others over in our free closed FB group Experience You, we cover a range of mindset strategies and self help tools all designed to connect YOU closer to your dreams, sleeping and awake ?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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