Spiritually You

Spiritually You: The Academy

8 Session Program

Access to a closed FB group where you join other members of Spiritually You program and access to additional lives and videos from Emma

PLUS all sessions held via zoom are recorded and emailed to you in case you miss one so you can watch again and again.

PLUS each session has a key takeaways support newsletter emailed to you following each session so you can really immerse yourself in the live sessions

1:1 clients only have daily access to Emma for questions and additional support valued at >$AUD3000

PLUS FREE access to 5 day dream challenge including a Sleep meditation

PLUS 20% discounts to any other services Emma offers during the duration of the Program.

Session 1&2 – The Basics

How to clear yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, Setting up your environment and meditation, Creating intentions and Dreams, Setting boundaries physically, mentally and spiritually

BONUS: Further reading list and materials to purchase to accelerate your learning and application provided at the end of session 1

Session 3&4 – Dreams

Dreams and Connecting to your Dreams – 5 Day Dream Challenge pre-requisite provided FREE of charge – Guided meditation for sleep, Guided meditation for connecting to Light, Connecting to your guides, Crystals and Oils and how to use them, Healing and Forgiveness self and others, dream journal must be kept by Client throughout sessions 3-8 to achieve maximum benefit.

BONUS for 1:1 clients only : Client can contact Coach each day via email or phone to support and assist on dream interpretation and question(s) as they arise

Session 5 – Orb Genetics Basics

Orb Genetics™ Basics – Learn the simple framework utilising techniques you will have learnt from sessions 1-4 and then surfacing inside body and outside body areas for discovery and connection, guided meditation Connect to Heart, Connect to Soul, framework for interpreting what you discover as you connect and understanding how you uniquely connect

Session 6 – Orb Genetics ™ Orb Forgiveness Healing

Build on session 5 and locate energy held within your Orb that is preventing or slowing your own progress down AND those of others where your energy is still entwined.  Learn how to undertake this recommended WEEKLY practice.

BONUS: Connection to your Heart/Soul source guided meditation for you to use whenever you need it

Session 7 – Orb Genetics ™ Uncover your hidden gifts stored in your body

Normally somewhere that has caused or does cause you ongoing pain.  Find out on a recommended WEEKLY practice, what, where and why it is there and how to use your gift.  Understand through your own guidance and apply to any decision/illness/past, present or future for all of your soul selves.

Session 8 Orb Genetics ™ Uncover your unique Trust Point

– Discover through a seemingly simple technique where your Trust point is in your body (or outside of it) – it is different for everyone, but once found is a useful source to tap into wherever you need to make a decision or need your own counsel.

Session 8 Orb Genetics ™ Discover your Back Up power source

– Discover where in your body your unique back up power source is located AND once located how this can support you going forward.

BONUS: Serving and Connecting to Mother Earth – A beautiful way to end your program by showing you how to connect simply and effortlessly to Mother Earth sending her healing and love and to your fellow humans across the planet receiving healing and love in kind.

Benefits include:

Emma personally guarantees if you follow all the steps and apply all learnings within each session you will achieve deeper connection to your True spiritual self. If you are not completely satisfied at the end of 8 sessions she will refund 100% of your package fee

NOTE: This guarantee can only be honoured if Client has continued sessions within the stated period of time and demonstrated application of framework content.

Increased awareness of your body, its tell tale signs when something is Great for you and Not so great.  Clarity and Trust in your own intuition.  Increases your confidence in Trusting yourself and Knowing that you always have the answer.  Brings you deeper and more restful sleep patterns.  Reduced symptoms or complete eradication of chronic symptoms for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Auto immune, anxiety, confidence issues, low self esteem.

I only work with a limited number of beautiful humans at any one time.  This is to ensure quality of service to you and to preserve my own energy whilst teaching and coaching.  If you are unsure if this is right for you now, please book in a discovery call.  I will be completely honest with you and only take you through to work with me if this supports your highest good.

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