Orb Genetics™ Practitioner training

My Promise

I personally guarantee that if you follow all the steps and apply all learnings within each session you will achieve completion of this Practitioner training and will be able to call yourself a Spiritually You – Orb Genetics ™ Practitioner.

If you are not completely satisfied at the end of 6 sessions with your ability to teach this modality I will refund 100% of your package fee.

NOTE: This guarantee can only be honoured if Client has continued sessions within the stated period of time and demonstrated application of framework content.

Practitioners will learn how to‘read’ your client’s energy to ensure you are supporting them identifying, their own energy vs others they may have picked up. Their guide’s energy, male vs female.

How to ensure your client’s sacred space is at the right frequency vs your own.

How to use tonality and attunement to ensure client is comfortable with their connection and growth at all times.

Understanding the importance of Dream work, the connection to crystals, oils, angels, guides.

Understanding the connection to the physical self and emotions stored in body.

Factual references for other healing modalities e.g Traditional Chinese Medicine so that you are confident in understanding similarities to other modalities whilst being able to clarify why this is different.

Understanding how to ensure your client is ‘ready’ to move to the next session and layer their learning.

I only work with a limited number of beautiful humans at any one time.  This is to ensure quality of service to you and to preserve my own energy whilst coaching.  If you are unsure if this is right for you now, please book in a discovery call.  I will be completely honest with you and only take you through to work with me if this supports your highest good.

Program Features:


6 separate sessions to ensure you can effectively teach the entire Spiritually You – Orb Genetics ™ Program.


Remote learning via zoom technology in small groups to assure time for questions and time with Emma.


Video and written style homework to assure complete understanding and application of the techniques and processes.


Entry into a closed FB global community of Spiritually You – Orb Genetics ™ Practitioners where regular updates will take place relating to the evolvement of the modality.


Online and offline meet ups for Practitioners to share their application of the techniques and share any best practices with other Practitioners. There are also opportunities to join Emma in interviews in her broader closed group Experience You ™ to support your marketing and your own niche.


Schedule: 4 x 60 min blocks covering basic teaching methods of the Orb Genetics ™ techniques, plus 1 60 min block teaching effective use of systems e.g Zoom conferencing, creating videos to support the teaching, plus 1 60 min block of basic business set up e.g payment systems, invoices, example agreements, marketing and sales, charging and insurance and modality alignment with International Institute of Complementary therapies (in process as at May 2019).