How often have you said the words
That is so Inspiring!!
Wow! you have really inspired me to do that now…..
Have you seen what so and so is doing…..isn’t it inspiring!

Or have you looked at someone and said
Oh yeah…….that person always knows just the right thing to start, do, say…..of course they do……I wish I could be like that.

Or maybe this…..
Why can’t I have ideas like that? everything they touch turns to gold……when am I going to have some of that?

We covered these and other questions in our Tribe Experience You this week……because I had a LOT and I mean a LOT of our community BEING inspired by others and also FEELING Oh woe is me…..

So I got to thinking, WHEN do you recognise Inspiration in yourself, IN OTHERS?

I don’t mean that you HAVE to BE doing what the other person who has inspired you to think or feel…..

NO….quite literally……..WHO in your environment right now….TV, social media, family, friends is inspiring you to Think differently?
Who has made you ASK yourself…….
Why can’t I do this differently? How can I do this differently?

You see for me… all comes down to perception.

There is that train of thought that what we don’t like in others is a reflection of that within ourselves we are still working on……

Call this your Mirror of Truth if you like…….
Hubby is really annoying me with x y z……….hmmmmmmnnnnn is there something there for me to work on?? errrrrr probably YES xx

BUT how about taking this train of thought and switching it around when you SEE someone for the INSPIRATION they are to you in the MOMENT…..

AND ASKING yourself…..
SEE that…..right there……..THAT’s how AWESOME YOU are!!!!!!!!!! BUT you have just forgotten right now….

AND if that old Jealousy comes up…..nip that right in the bud and say
‘HEY, this is your reminder that YOU, also have this AWESOMENESS inside of you waiting for you to remember and USE it…..’

Now you GO Girlfriend, Boyfriend and take note of this and BE inspired by YOU!!!!!

Of course you could always stay where you are, in Comfortable and just say
Yeah Yeah Yeah maybe next year…..

No way! you are in this Tribe, because you are so tired of living small and therefore starting today….here is your formal invitation to


Emma is the creator and owner of Life Symmetry Pty Ltd and has a created a movement called Experience You.  She is a woman on a mission to reconnect over 1 billion people to their true spiritual self unleashing inspiration and profound change across the planet.

She is the author and creator of Spiritually You – Orb Genetics TM Program and Experience You Program.  If you are interested in understanding how either or both of these programs could support your development please contact Emma direct.

Life is to be Experienced, not endured