I recently asked our members in Experience You to share how being in the group full of daily free resources was serving them.

See…the way I look at this is if as a community we are constantly learning and growing then we are well on our way to our combined mission to positively impact over 1 billion people across our planet.

But….IF we don’t take accountability and ASK each other what it is that we are seeking to learn or develop in, we will all stay at that level of growth.

Here are a few answers I received back…

I love how much I have grown as a person and all the great things I have been taught. Especially about standing in my own power, trusting and listening to my intuition.


I think people underestimate how much we work better together and this is one of the things you [Emma] have taught me, through trusting my instincts and if they don’t work, ask for help.


I have really enjoyed our sessions [one on one client] which have helped me really get off the hamster wheel, examine limiting beliefs with curiosity and compassion, and understand how intention, thoughts and actions all work together to manifest dreams………I’m amazed how much clarity and focus I have following the activities on visualization, core needs and values. And I especially love your [Emma] beautiful, warm and empowering approach to your tribe!


The group and Emma in particular, became something I looked for when I needed help. It didn’t actually end up how I’d planned but it instigated in me the need to seek medical help which was something I didn’t realise was needed.

When you find your Tribe you are ‘in it’ together. You have a support crew that ‘gets you’. They don’t care whether you are having an ‘off day’. They will rally behind you when you need support.

They will reach out to you when they are in need of an ear. And only because they know that two heads are better than one when you are in ‘stuck’mode.

So Today….this blog is all about saying Thank You.

To every single one of you who decided Experience You is their ‘home’. Their place to come to learn every day, to support each other and share those life experiences.

Thank you for being part of our movement to positively impact over 1 billion people across our planet.

We had our very first offline Experience You meet up in June 2019. I have plans to hold these quarterly across the globe where are our members are.

My goal is to reach 10,000 members. Please help us reach this goal and invite friends and family to become a part of our global movement. We all want to positively enhance our life and those around us. That is a truly legacy leaving mission. 

Join us by clicking the image below! 

Experience You


Emma is the creator and owner of Life Symmetry Pty Ltd and has a created a movement called Experience You.  She is a woman on a mission to reconnect over 1 billion people to their true spiritual self unleashing inspiration and profound change across the planet.

She is the author and creator of Spiritually You – Orb Genetics TM Program and Experience You Program.  If you are interested in understanding how either or both of these programs could support your development please contact Emma direct.

Life is to be Experienced, not endured