This week in Experience You I held a LIVE 5 Day Dream Challenge.

A free gift I normally issue as a PDF, but decided to run a live challenge for those who were ready to take it to the next level.

But why Dreams, I hear you ask?

Well for me personally, I have always been fascinated by the power of our sleep…what happens in our body, how it happens, what takes place in our subconcious….

The list of questions goes on….

Ultimately I know that humanity still has a barrage of unanswered questions about Dreams.

The reason I STAY fascinated by Dreams is because of the connectedness to our inner most thoughts. It is almost as though with the rest of the body asleep, our brain can literally transport us to anywhere, any time and we ‘free’ ourselves of our daily worries, priorities, issues, tasks.

Some people claim to have no dreams. Others claim they dream every night. Some dream in colour. Others dream in black in white. Some have recurring dreams. Others remember ones from years and years ago.

Of course there are heaps of books on the subject. Everyone has picked up a book or article at some point in their lives on Dream interpretation yes? or is that just me?!@

So this week in Experience You, 24 members put their hands up to try out if they could achieve:

1 – Deeper sleep
2 – Resolve problems they had been trying to fix in their waking hours
3 – Connect to parts of themselves they haven’t consciously been aware of

All taking place via a 15 min Live video I held in a closed FB group just for them. Doing nothing different than bringing to life the PDF a number of them had already tried for themselves, or had put into a drawer and not got around to.

Am I going to share here what happened?

Welllllllllllll…….let’s just say that the ones who watched the lives and applied are experiencing deeper sleep. They are resolving issues through intentions they set the night before.

Regardless of whether you believe Dreams are a figment of our imagination, or whether you believe they are a window to your soul and beyond or anything in between.

The science behind what we Do know is that sleep enables the body to go through a natural restore and healing process. Imagine all those thousands of thoughts you have had over the previous 24 hours…..Your brain making decisions overnight like the Super computer it is…..which thoughts stay and are filed in our memories and which ones go.

Your body naturally starts to wind down for sleep and chemicals are produced that support this process, melatonin, serotonin and dopamine being the ones most of us have heard about….again heaps of articles and books on this….I’ve listed a few down the bottom if you want to carry on your own research on this topic.

In my own research and application….the link for me between sleep, your body’s natural healing abilities, dreams and connecting to a deeper aspect of you is something I have been applying and learning over the past 5 years.

In fact for me it has become something much much bigger and is only a tiny portion of my Program Spiritually You™ – but that is for a whole different blog.

I thoroughly recommend if you haven’t before, to start journalling your own sleep patterns, your dreams, your sleep routine.

Our bodies are amazing. And when we start to listen to them in a whole new way and work with our natural in-built systems, awesome things start to take place.

So…..what say you?
Are you a Dreamer?
Or is this all Poppycock?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this…..and if you are feeling curious… my free 5 Day Dream Challenge and let me know what took place.

And if you want to take part in any of my challenges going forward, join me in my closed FB group or register here (Victoria to add them to a campaign list for challenges)

Until next time….
Sweet Dreams ?