About Life Symmetry

Emma started her spiritual and coaching journey almost 1 year to the day after her husband died and miraculously survived.


She had what she calls a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ and from that moment began the serious path of career change from Corporate to starting a business in healing and coaching.

She became qualified in Meliae Intuitive Healing, trained with The Coaching Institute and became qualified in Meta Dynamics TM and edisc behavioural profiling.  She ran seminars, had 1:1 clients coming to her to transform and heal from all sorts of life long ailments and mental blocks they had created.

Then one day Emma was forced to stop looking outside and helping others and had to refocus all of her intuition and healing inwards on herself.  Through a holistic approach including natropathy, meditation and energy healing she ‘transformed’ over 47 years of ‘stuff’ that had been building inside of her.  She lost over 14kgs, and healed memories connected with the physical pain she was experiencing.

She condensed her healing into a simple framework for anyone, irrelevant of age, background, beliefs to connect physically, mentally and spiritually to themselves in their own unique way.

Emma now coaches clients how to use her framework to heal and transform themselves from within.

Transformational Programs